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6 Awesome Ecommerce Conferences That Are Valuable

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If you want to add ecommerce to your website or learn about a turnkey ecommerce solution, you might find the right ecommerce website builder or turnkey solution provider at a conference. Ecommerce conferences connect you with companies and resources to learn more about everything you want to know about ecommerce.

Every year for the past ten years, ecommerce has grown by double digits. And all data — so far — points that it won’t slow down any time soon. To boot, setting up an ecommerce website is cheaper and easier than managing a traditional business.

Here’s some numbers to back this up. eMarketer’s Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales report says that worldwide Internet and in-store retail sales is $22 trillion. Out of all global retail sales, ecommerce makes up 7.4 percent, or $1.7 trillion. eMarketer expects that to climb to almost 12.8 percent by 2019 to $3.6 trillion.

If you’re a business looking to add ecommerce to your website, you just might find the right ecommerce website builder at a conference. Or perhaps, you want a turnkey ecommerce solution. An ecommerce conference is a good place to learn about companies that offer the service.

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Clearly, most companies can’t send a representative to every single ecommerce conference or event. This list contains conferences that cover a variety of ecommerce topics, feature speakers who will provide deep insights you can use, and have a variety of companies represented.

CNP Expo


The CNP Expo blends ecommerce, software, mobile, retail, security, and payments. You’ll hear from diverse industry experts. You’ll be able to connect with vendors, educators, government agencies, startups, consultants, legal counselor, merchants, and nonprofits.

eTail (multiple conferences)


Produced by Worldwide Business Research, eTail events are for people interested in ecommerce and multi-channel retail. The organization has more than eight eTail conferences held around the world. In addition to eTail East, eTail West, and eTail Connect in the U.S., there are also eTail conferences in Canada, France, Germany, U.K., and elsewhere.

Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition


Industry experts and exhibitors offering every kind of ecommerce solution attend IRCE. It also builds community through its networking events. Attendees learn about ecommerce trends, online retailer strategies, marketing strategies, and current ecommerce technologies. According to the IRCE website, the average attendance is 10,000. It targets small and big businesses who sell online or plan to pursue it. Typically held in June.

Retail’s Digital Summit


Shop.org’s summit hosts more than 5,000 professionals interested in all aspects of digital retail including marketers, omnichannel professionals, ecommerce leaders, and user experience pros. The summit holds workshops, networking event, and exhibitors from more than 200 companies. Held in September.

Retail Global


An event for retailers, Retail Global aims to help businesses grow in the ecommerce space through networking and education. The event covers a variety of topics ranging from SEO and social media to analytics and logistics. The event promises more than 60 speakers in three days.



Shoptalk is a retail and ecommerce event that covers the evolution of how consumers find, browse and buy products, services, and experiences. The event had more than 3,000 attendees at its most recent event and expects more than 250 speakers and 5,000 attendees at the next one. Three days consists of education, exhibitors, and networking opportunities. Attendees include large retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investors, and analysts.

One last bit of advice …

Attending ecommerce conferences will get you up to speed on what’s happening in ecommerce, what works, what doesn’t work, and connect with the top players and experts. Aside from learning something new and schmoozing with industry pros, dynamic keynote speakers will inspire you and you might find a partner, vendor, or a client.

While ecommerce conferences offer information to help grow your business, you want to take care in choosing one or two to attend in a year. Between travel and catching up on return, it disrupts your schedule and puts you behind in work. Pick the ones that offer what you need the most and provide the most resources for your time.

For more insight on end to end eCommerce strategy visit this resources page.

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