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5 Ways to Improve Customer Support Online and Boost Profits

Is your customer support top-notch? Help Scout quotes a study from Lee Resources found that while 80 percent of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, only 8 percent of customers agree. Here are five things you can do to make sure you provide the best online customer service.

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5 Things You Can Do to Generate Leads for Business Online

Growth in the ecommerce industry is often as simple as getting the attention of people who are interested in your products. And increasing lead generation can help you achieve this. Of course, ecommerce success relies on the use of the latest online tools, like videos and social networks. To get started with these and other tactics, check out these tips.

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Ecommerce Trends and Their Impact on Your Bottom Line


The e-commerce industry is seeing the advent of new trends and the continued rise of past trends. It's no surprise that mobile continues to be essential for any company involved in sales or client services. Keeping up with and implementing ecommerce best practices is critical for businesses that want to excel while maintaining cost and time savings.

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7 Ways Your Business Online Is Changing

The future of e-commerce is bright as business online and ecommerce change in innovative ways. Consumer expectations and what consumers demand from their user experiences are responsible in part for this innovation, and for your business outlook to remain upbeat, it is important you learn about seven ways that business is changing.


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The Future of Ecommerce Is Here

E-commerce drives nearly all retail growth in the U.S., and companies are working quickly to adapt and develop better online experiences to maintain and grow their customer base. Not only are consumers demanding superior customer service, they also want the ability to shop with ease. It is no secret that consumer expectations are higher than ever before.

Thus, it's important that online businesses make the necessary adjustments to keep up with the change of pace. The e-commerce industry is experiencing rapid transformation, and the rules of the game have changed  the future of e-commerce is here.  

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