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Beth Romo

Beth Romo

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Why You Need Live Chat in Ecommerce

Online shoppers require timely and accurate answers to their questions and they'll abandon their purchase if you can't deliver. Live Chat is now an essential way to meet online customer service demands and is a win-win for businesses and customers. Here's why.

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How to Improve Online Customer Service Without Increasing Costs

Businesses that invest in online customer service will see greater loyalty and repeat purchases. Here are six ways to enhance ecommerce customer service without sacrificing profits. Just one bad experience with a company's customer support is all it takes for customers to start telling others.  

Topics: ecommerce customer service online customer service ecommerce customer service customer support

5 Ways to Improve Customer Support Online and Boost Profits

Is your customer support top-notch? Help Scout quotes a study from Lee Resources found that while 80 percent of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, only 8 percent of customers agree. Here are five things you can do to make sure you provide the best online customer service.

Topics: ecommerce customer service online customer service customer support